Chris Taylor Is Proof the Dodgers Have an Answer for Whatever Stands In Their Way

Published October 18, 2017

CHICAGO– Walking around Wrigley Field 90 minutes before the start of Game 3 of the NLCS, you’ll find lots of familiar faces. Dignitaries, shiny TV folks in immaculate suits and dresses, various superfans. But no one flashed a bigger grin than Dodgers General Manager Farhan Zaidi.

With good reason.

Corey Seager NLCS Injury Roster Scratch Among the Most Notable in Playoff History

Published October 15, 2017

Saturday afternoon brought devastating news for Dodgers fans. One of the team’s most beloved players, an incredible talent and pivotal part of the team’s success, got left off the NLCS roster. A wave of panic and consternation and teeth-gnashing ensued, because as loaded as the Dodgers are, it’s incredibly hard to recover from a loss of this magnitude.

Dallas Keuchel Aimed Low and Came Out on Top Against the Yankees in ALCS Game 1

Published October 14, 2017

In a postseason that’s seen teams use everyone short of the mascot in relief, the Astros drew first blood in the ALCS on the strength of their starting pitcher. And while velocity rules the craft of pitching more now than ever before, it was a soft-tossing left-hander who turned in one of the best performances of these playoffs.

When It Comes to Firing MLB Managers, Nobody Really Knows What They Are Doing

Published October 13, 2017

The Boston Red Sox announced Wednesday that they had fired manager John Farrell, after five years, three division titles, and a World Series championship. A day later, we still have no idea why they fired him.

Ace Red Sox beat writer Tim Britton did offer a lot of context to try to explain the firing.

It’s Time for MLB Playoff Teams to Consider Full-On Bullpening and Here’s Why

Published October 9, 2017

The big story of the 2017 MLB playoffs so far is the mysterious awfulness of starting pitchers.

The Yankees opened their postseason by having fireballing right-hander Luis Severino get pounded for three runs in one-third of an inning, threatening to effectively end their season just minutes into their postseason.

Four Decisions That Could Decide the ALDS Between Cleveland and the Yankees

Published October 7, 2017

The Yankees escaped an early scoring barrage by the Twins Tuesday night, advancing to the ALDS to face a Cleveland squad that might be even better than the one that came within an eyelash of winning it all last year. What comes next will be a test of skill, but also one of strategy.

Thumbs-Down Guy and George Springer’s First-Grade Teacher Made for a Very Fun September

Published October 5, 2017

For six months, baseball’s biggest stars have given us countless episodes of joy. Diving catches, goofy celebrations, and everything Adrian Beltre does have made our lives that much brighter.

With the regular season ended, we’ve got one more roundup of MLB shenanigans. It’s the 2017 finale of The Fun Report.

Which of the Nine Remaining Teams in the MLB Playoffs Should You Root For?

Published October 4, 2017

Your favorite baseball team is now making golf plans. Football doesn’t fill the void in your heart. Neither does a month’s supply of candy corn.

Friends, we have your answer: the MLB Playoffs Rooting Guide. With 10 teams set to battle in the postseason, we’ve highlighted the best reasons to root for each of ’em.

Braves GM Drama Shows It’s Time to Put an End to Sports Fans’ Sense of Entitlement

Published October 3, 2017

The Atlanta Braves announced on Monday that general manager John Coppolella and special assistant to the GM Gordon Blakeley resigned, part of a fallout stemming from MLB’s investigation of the team for circumvention of international signing rules. The Braves’ statement read: “The resignation comes as a result of a breach of Major League Baseball rules regarding the international player market.”

John Hart takes over as Atlanta’s acting general manager until the team finds a replacement.