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2017 MLB Trade Value Player Rankings, Part 2: Nos. 50-1

Welcome to Part 2 of the 2017 Trade Value player rankings! Breaking down multiple factors (age, performance, contract status, etc.) and using statistical analysis, I’ve ranked the top 50 players in baseball for this season by their trade value—essentially trying to answer the question, “If every team made every player available via trade, which guys would fetch the greatest return?”

Six Things from the USA vs. Puerto Rico WBC Final That Turned Me into a Believer

LOS ANGELES — I’ll be honest … I was a skeptic. The World Baseball Classic never resonated to me the way a big playoff game, or even a June matchup between two well-stocked teams would. These were exhibition games, with some of the best players not on the field, being played at a time of year when maybe we weren’t quite ready to dive fully back into high-level competition.

Hank Azaria

Jonah Keri seeks Amanda Hugginkiss with Hank Azaria about his favorite squadron, the NY Mets; taking Brockmire from a Funny or Die short almost to the big screen to TV; work ethic; switching it up between takes; voice acting vs. acting on came…

The 30: Who’s No. 1 in the First MLB Power Rankings of 2017?

Wait a minute! Do you hear that? The pop of catchers’ mitts, the chatter around the diamond, the glorious thud of flipped bats crashing onto the grass … baseball is back, baby!

Welcome to year two of The 30 here at SI.com. All season long, I’ll rank all 30 major league teams and delve into the biggest stories swirling around the game.