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Blue Jays Mail Bag: Is Any Player Untouchable?

Welcome back to Sportsnet’s Blue Jays Mailbag!

We asked you for questions via Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #JaysMailbag, and you came through in the clutch. For the final time this season, here are a few of your burning Blue Jays questions, plus our answers.

How screwed are the Jays, given the seeming inflexibility of the roster combined with the need to get younger quickly?

D-Backs Could Win the World Series This Year If They Can Just Win the Wild Card Game

If you had to describe the state of the Arizona Diamondbacks following their 69-win debacle of 2016, extremely-not-nice would’ve been a good place to start.

The D-Backs finished third-worst in the majors in park-adjusted ERA and fourth-worst in park-adjusted, fielding-independent pitching. Less than 24 hours after they played their final game of the season, they fired general manager Dave Stewart and manager Chip Hale.

Rich Griffin

Jonah Keri exposes the truth with Toronto Star columnist and longtime Montreal Expos media relations director Rich Griffin about the 22-inning game in which Youppi! got ejected; the Expos in the 70s, 80s, and 90s; being an O.G. stathead; Jarry Park; st…

Keri the 10: AL MVP May Be in Cleveland, Dodgers Silver Lining and More MLB Notes

Tightly contested awards races, the tale of a lights-out rookie getting zero attention, and a walk through history with inside-the-park grand slams. #KeriThe10 has all this, odes to Stephen Strasburg, Luke Weaver, the DH rule, and much more.

1. The wild and woolly AL MVP race
With their 22nd straight win Thursday night, the Cleveland Lindors set a new record for the longest uninterrupted winning streak in major league history.

Joe Block

Jonah Keri navigates three rivers with Pittsburgh Pirates announcer Joe Block about the great city of Pittsburgh; Ernie Harwell; old Tiger Stadium; working with Mike Veeck and Bob Uecker; finding a job at the Winter Meetings; learning to give play-by-p…

MLB’s Battle for the Basement Shaping Up to Be Thrilling Showcase of Incompetence

Cleveland’s winning streak for the ages and the horrendous L.A. Dodgers slump have made the races for home-field advantage in the playoffs more interesting. But there’s an even more compelling race emerging at the other end of the spectrum: The race to the bottom.

With two and a half weeks left in the season, the Philadelphia Phillies hold the worst record in the majors, at 54-89.