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Five Controllable Players Blue Jays Could Target at Trade Deadline

They’re still in last place, well below .500 and a long shot to make the playoffs. But the Toronto Blue Jays have made clear they have no interest in rebuilding. J.A. Happ’s probably not going anywhere, and Josh Donaldson is certainly not going anywhere, as the Jays eye 2018 as a potential bounce-back season.

Keri the 10: Blockbuster Trade Season Is Here with Quintana Deal, More MLB Notes

Welcome to this week’s edition of Keri The 10! As always, we’ll go around the majors with 10 stories that caught our eye from the past seven days. There will be numbers, and occasionally, memes. As always, we will have fun.

1. Blockbuster season is here!
Getting a jump on the rest of baseball, and dispelling the notion that intra-city rivals can’t trade with each other, the Cubs and White Sox pulled off an enormous deal Thursday.

Dissecting the Blue Jays of Future Past with GM Ross Atkins

When I talked to Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins during spring training, he spoke about the challenges of prolonging a streak that had seen the Jays make the American League Championship Series two years in a row, while also building for the future.

Pulling off that balancing act looked like a big challenge in March.

Jeff Luhnow

Jonah Keri blasts off into a compelling conversation with Houston Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow about the transition from business to Major League Baseball; The Cardinal Way; scouting and drafting; his approach to running the Astros; Jose Altuve a…

MLBPA Boss Tony Clark Admits Issues with Minor-League Pay, but Actions Lacking

MIAMI — Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark acknowledged Tuesday that he is aware of the living conditions minor-league players endure, since he played minor-league baseball, made sub-poverty wages and lived in cramped quarters. He elaborated:

“We’ve done what we can where we can,” Clark said after I asked him about the subject at the Baseball Writers Association of America meeting.

Juiced Baseballs? Rob Manfred Says He’s ‘Certain’ Balls Are Within Specified Limits

MIAMI — At Tuesday’s Baseball Writers Association of America meeting, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred fielded several questions about allegations that the balls are juiced.

Manfred replied: “I know with absolute certainty” that the baseballs are within specified limits.

This is a non-answer. As noted in comprehensive articles (and podcasts) by both Ben Lindbergh (and Mitchel Lichtman) for The Ringer, and Rob Arthur for FiveThirtyEight, the range of acceptable liveliness of a baseball (in technical terms, its coefficient of restitution, or COR), varies wildly, from levels that could threaten a new Dead Ball Era to what we have this season, when we’re on pace to break the all-time single-season record for most home runs in a season.

Yadier Molina Shines in More Ways Than One at the 2017 MLB All-Star Game

Yadier Molina was the MVP of the All-Star Game before he ever stepped to the plate in the sixth inning.

During player introductions, he waved a tiny Puerto Rican flag, drawing raucous cheers from a good chunk of the crowd and reminding us of his performance for Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic, in which Molina served as a vocal leader and cornerstone player, and triggered one of the best GIFs we’ve ever seen with a laser throw to Javier Baez.