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Ron Shelton

Jonah Keri names foods that start with the letter “Q” with filmmaker Ron Shelton: his career as a minor-league baseball player; scheming to join the Expos; the Oriole way and Earl Weaver; digging ditches; writing and directing Bull Durham; lov…

Blue Jays’ Identity Crisis Could Lead to End of Short-Lived Toronto Renaissance

Edwin Encarnacion is no longer a Blue Jay. Just before Christmas, Cleveland’s baseball team landed the biggest remaining bat on the free-agent market on a three-year, $60 million contract. The deal vexed Jays fans, who wondered how their parrot-toting hero could have bolted for Ohio after being offered four years and $80 million (with the possibility of a fifth-year option that would have been pushed the deal to $100 million) to return to Rogers Centre.

Mike Schur

Jonah Keri has a tremendous discussion with Michael Schur about Dustin Pedroia; the progression of his career from Harvard Lampoon to writing on Saturday Night Live and The Office to creating Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Place; what it takes for a TV show to gel; developing diverse casts; pitching new shows and carte blanche; Ted Danson; incorporating moral philosophy into a network show; badly dubbed swear words; Val Kilmer; judicious use of TV budgets; modern metrics of TV success; outlook for the Red Sox; 2004 Red Sox, 2016 Cubs, and 2017 Indians?; conjecture about others’ feelings; Theo Epstein; and Mike’s Life Tip.

How Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Continues to Outfox Us All

Ponder, if you will, the savviest investments of the past 20 years. Think of the venture capitalists who got in early on Google. The angel investors who took a leap of faith with Uber. Sean Parker finagling his way into Facebook right before it exploded was enough to get a Mickey Mouse Club member to play him in a major motion picture.

Karl Ravech

Jonah Keri talks baseball today with ESPN’s Karl Ravech about the MLB Winter Meetings; helping the desperately optimistic; balancing sabermetrics and ex-player perspectives on Baseball Tonight; the importance of listening; wishing for a near-m…

Hot Stove: Three Teams That Won the Winter Meetings and Two That Came Away Losers

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Major League Baseball’s 30 front offices closed up shop on the winter meetings Thursday, ending a stretch of 96 straight hours holed up in dimly lit suites looking for the winning formula to come out ahead this offseason.

The thousands of discussions batted around during those four days will fuel a series of free-agent signings and trades over the next several weeks.

Hot Stove: The Domino Effect Desmond Signing with Rockies Has on Several Teams

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The Colorado Rockies signed free-agent outfielder Ian Desmond to a five-year, $70 million contract on Wednesday, a move that could create a ripple effect impacting several different teams and playoff races.

From 2012 through 2014, Desmond established himself as one of the most productive shortstops in baseball, posting three straight 20-20 seasons.