Tag: Basketball

Bill Walton

Jonah Keri throws it down with Bill Walton (NBA Hall of Famer and author of NY Times bestselling book “Back from the Dead”) about the joy and burden of living in San Diego; battling a speech impediment as a child then severe health problems th…

Tim Kurkjian

Jonah Keri runs the pick and roll with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian (ESPN analyst and author of the new NYT bestselling book “I’m Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies”) about their shared experience as guest stars on the upcoming Hank Azaria show Brockmire; d…

Grant Wahl

Jonah Keri has a friendly with Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated about the growing soccer culture in the U.S.; Copa America; U.S. Men’s vs. Women’s teams; whether Messi is the greatest soccer player ever, and how he compares to the greats in ot…

Steven Hyden

Jonah Keri and Steven Hyden, music writer (formerly Grantland, soon to be Uproxx) and author of the new book “Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me: What Pop Music Rivalries Reveal About the Meaning of Life,” drop the mic about: topics that gain an…

Ariel Helwani

Today’s guest Ariel Helwani is widely regarded as the top MMA journalist, but 24 hours before this podcast aired, he had his credential revoked and was ejected from the arena in the middle of UFC 199 because he had broken news about the sport. A few days before these events occurred, Jonah Keri talked with Ariel about why Ariel thinks that MMA is the best sport to cover, but also about his tenuous relationship with UFC President Dana White. They also talked about about the small trilingual Jewish high school in suburban Montreal they both attended; their Jekyll-Hyde basketball personas; how Ariel pioneered MMA reporting starting at Syracuse in 2001; covering the Expos’ final spring training; gender equality in MMA; the past, present, and future of MMA; the appeal of Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor; working in a young sport with constant changes; the pressure of being a sport’s most prominent journalist; future career aspirations; whether baseball will return to Montreal; and Ariel’s Life Tips.


Jonah Keri rocks out with Max Kerman and Nick Dika from Canadian indie band Arkells about finding success in the current music industry; evolving their sound; the collaborative process; the economics of touring as a band; their unique approach…

The Starters

Jonah Keri satisfies his basketball jones with NBA TV’s The Starters hosts J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Trey Kerby, Leigh Ellis and producers/directors Jason Doyle and Matt Osten: the origins of The

Basketball Jones; continuing to produce a podcast for years despite making no money; Vince Carter and the ups and downs of the Raptors; Toronto as a sports city; branding and #WeTheNorth; Drake; finding your voice; incorporating analytics into a mainstream show; transitioning from podcast to national TV show; athletes who channel the emotions of their city; Kyle Lowry; the Spurs; whether players are consistent across teams; and the Starters’ Life Tips. The Starters are on NBA TV with all new episodes, Monday to Friday evenings during basketball season.

Shaquille O’Neal

Get ready for the Shaq Attaq! Jonah Keri and Shaquille O’Neal (NBA superstar and analyst on the Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA studio team from NBA on TNT) on Shaq’s rap career; dreams; the economics of basketball; whether college athletes should be paid; being a big man; branding; hack-a-Shaq; Michael Jordan; what he learned from his father and what he didn’t learn from Phil Jackson; Kobe Bryant; how Shaq influenced the current style of play; becoming a sheriff; how to make great television; and Shaq’s Life Tip.