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Keri the 10: Marlins Cat, the Next Andrew Miller and More MLB Observations

Another week, another 10 stories to follow in the world of baseball. Let’s go!

1. Failing with RISP means losing … but it’s also nothing to worry about.
No team in baseball has fared worse with runners in scoring position over the first week and a half than the Toronto Blue Jays have: Through their first nine games, Jays hitters are batting a miserable .143 with RISP.

A Conversation Between Jonah Keri and Gail Miller: Jazz Owner’s Move to Keep Team in Utah Forever Could Work in Other Sports

SALT LAKE CITY — Everywhere you look, you see professional sports team owners grifting the public.

The grift starts subtly enough. Hey, they say, what would you think about a shiny new stadium for our local team? Problem is, it never ends there. That initial inquiry turns into demands on taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars in their pockets.

The Story Behind ‘The League of Leagues,’ a Fantasy League That Has Everything

One sunny Los Angeles afternoon way back in 2009, Dave Dameshek approached me with an idea. What if, the great broadcaster/writer/jack-of-all-trades said, we started a fantasy league? And not just any fantasy league. The League of Leagues.

Here’s the premise, Dave explained between slugs of ale. We take a fantasy baseball league, fantasy football league, and fantasy basketball league, and roll it all into one.

Six Things from the USA vs. Puerto Rico WBC Final That Turned Me into a Believer

LOS ANGELES — I’ll be honest … I was a skeptic. The World Baseball Classic never resonated to me the way a big playoff game, or even a June matchup between two well-stocked teams would. These were exhibition games, with some of the best players not on the field, being played at a time of year when maybe we weren’t quite ready to dive fully back into high-level competition.