Tag: Comedy

Martin Starr

Jonah Keri geeks out over Martin Starr’s work in Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, Adventureland, and Silicon Valley; Garry Shandling; Steve Urkel; and Kobe. Plus, the Clippers for My Team Is A Joke.

Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott

Jonah Keri exchanges some perfectly cromulent words with Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott about their Simpsons podcast, Everything’s Coming Up Podcast; Simpsons fans from different generations; ska; what The Simpsons and David Bowie have in com…

Greg Proops

Jonah Keri gabs with Greg Proops (The Smartest Man In The World podcast, The Smartest Book in the World, Whose Line Is it Anyway?) about traveling as a comic, drugs, improv, hecklers, gifts that fans give him, Greg’s groovy old-timey persona, …

Justin Halpern

Jonah Keri talks to Justin Halpern (“S*** My Dad Says” NYT bestselling author and TV show creator) about how TV shows get made, William Shatner, Tony Gwynn, how Jon Hamm ended Justin’s baseball career, and Justin’s heartfelt Life Tip. Plus, Ju…

Adam Cayton-Holland

Jonah Keri interviews Adam Cayton-Holland about Those Who Can’t, the new show on which Adam is a star, creator, and writer; the new television landscape; the Denver comedy scene; going back to high school as an adult; depression; finding succe…

Chris Hardwick

Jonah Keri talks with his new boss Chris Hardwick about how someone who has always hated sports can be so excited about the creation of Nerdist Sports, chess (which does count as a sport), overthinking, how podcasting has changed Chris, being …

The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 56: Mike Scully of The Simpsons

Jonah Keri interviews Mike Scully, former writer and showrunner for The Simpsons as well as writer and producer for Parks and Recreation, Everybody Loves Raymond, and several other series. He is co-creator of the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated television series. Topics include: The start of Mike’s career: writing jokes for Yakov Smirnoff; walking into The Simpsons writers room; balancing highbrow and lowbrow jokes; quotability; sharing The Simpsons with our children; Mike’s favorite episodes from his four years as show runner; copycats; sensitivity around The Simpsons World Trade Center episode; hockey on The Simpsons; getting guest stars; Boston Bruins and LA Kings; Parks and Recreation: Comparisons to animated shows, and finding an audience; the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series; censorship battles on The Simpsons; Springsteen. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 49: Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun

Jonah Keri interviews Jesse Thorn, host of the The Sound of Young America on Public Radio and the Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcast. Jesse writes about “dressing like a grownup” at Put This On. Topics include: Being a sports fan among comedians and fashionistas; the new trend of fashion among NBA players; why men should bother to care about how they look; whether it’s acceptable to wear shorts; the lost art of mindfulness; menswear blogs; The State of the Union in Comedy; the San Francisco Giants; Fantasy Fantasy Sports Analysts and other meta-fantasy analysis; and shared anxiety over losing podcast listeners to fascinating guests. Plus,  the Food Pick of the Week.

The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 36 (Part 1): Dave Dameshek of NFL.com

Jonah Keri interviews Dave Dameshek of NFL.com. In Part 1, Dave and Jonah provide a preview of the NHL playoffs including Penguins-Lightning, Habs-Bruins, Sabres-Flyers, and Rangers-Capitals. Interspersed topics include: Wearing the jersey of the visiting team; impressions; Dave’s new podcast coming to NFL.com; rooting for a pathetic team; podcast alumnus Sam Fuld’s performance with the Tampa Bay Rays; and the playoff structure of the NHL, March Madness, and MLB.