Tag: Football

Brad Evans

Jonah Keri searches for deep sleepers with Yahoo! fantasy football analyst Brad Evans about how Brad came to write about fantasy football; competitiveness in the industry; the rise of fantasy sports among fans; why media companies are reluctan…

Tony Khan

Jonah Keri and Tony Khan (Senior Vice President of Football Technology and Analytics, and Co-Owner, of the Jacksonville Jaguars) kick off their conversation with Tony’s journey in sports statistics from video games to coaching high school bask…

Justin Halpern

Jonah Keri talks to Justin Halpern (“S*** My Dad Says” NYT bestselling author and TV show creator) about how TV shows get made, William Shatner, Tony Gwynn, how Jon Hamm ended Justin’s baseball career, and Justin’s heartfelt Life Tip. Plus, Ju…

Jesse Thorn

Jonah Keri talks to podcaster and radio host Jesse Thorn (Bullseye; Jordan, Jesse, Go!; Judge John Hodgman) about the development of the podcasting industry from Jesse’s perspective as a Podcast OG, creating a community of artists and listener…

Nicole Auerbach

Jonah Keri talks with USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach about college basketball’s Year of the Senior, Nicole’s resemblance to Aubrey Plaza, whether student athletes should be paid, the challenges of covering three sports whose seasons overlap, bein…

Adam Cayton-Holland

Jonah Keri interviews Adam Cayton-Holland about Those Who Can’t, the new show on which Adam is a star, creator, and writer; the new television landscape; the Denver comedy scene; going back to high school as an adult; depression; finding succe…

The Jonah Keri Podcast: Joe Posnanski

The multi-talented Joe Posnanski, writer and podcaster for Sports Illustrated and SI.com, joins the podcast this week. With a book about Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, we get JoePo’s take on JoePa breaking the all-time Division I record for coaching wins. Poz then weighs in on the legacy of Eddie Robinson (the previous record-holder), the impact Joe and Sue Paterno have had on State College beyond the football field, and the unlikely success of this year’s Nittany Lions team.

Then we dive into World Series talk. What the hell happened with BullpenPhoneGate? Where does Game 6 rank among the most exciting games of all-time? What did August 24 Joe Posnanski think about the Cardinals’ World Series chances? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the best team, more often than not, doesn’t win the World Series anymore? Finally, Joe serves up some controversial Power Rankings, breaking down his top five sporting events to cover.

The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 46: Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports

Jonah Keri interviews Jeff Passan, MLB columnist for Yahoo! Sports and co-author of Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case Against the Bowl Championship Series. Topics include: The NBA Finals and Dirk’s quiet moment; Jeff’s in-depth article on José Bautista (with tangents on fantastic newspaper sports sections, megalomaniacal managers, great sports nicknames, and shaved heads); possible realignment in Major League Baseball; finding a voice as a writer; Death to the BCS; and why Jeff refuses to follow you or be your friend. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.

The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 40: Sean McDonough of ESPN

Jonah Keri interviews Sean McDonough, legendary play-by-play announcer who is currently calling college basketball, college football, and major league baseball for ESPN. Topics include: Boston sports fans; college hockey; the McDonough family’s sports legacy; Sean’s chemistry with Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas; dude, where’s Bill Raftery’s car?; Sean’s new Monday Night Baseball gig with Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone; some of Sean’s greatest calls: Francisco Cabrera’s pennant-winning hit for the Atlanta Braves in 1992, Joe Carter’s World Series-winning home run for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993, the 6-overtime game between UConn and Syracuse in 2009, Rip Hamilton’s buzzer beater in the 1998 Sweet Sixteen game between UConn and Washington, and Warren Morris’s College World Series-winning homer for LSU in 1996; and Gus Johnson and sincerity of tone. Plus, the Food Pick of the Week.