Tag: Social Justice

Sen. Sherrod Brown

Jonah Keri caucuses with Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator from Ohio, about
the Damn Yankees; the Cleveland Indians; what Senator Brown has in
common with George F. Will; renaming the Indians; public financing for
stadiums; Senators who speak truth to power;…

Shea Serrano

Jonah Keri shoots his shot with New York Times bestseller, Ringer author, and Grantland alum Shea Serrano about his start in journalism; kindness; Bill Simmons; writers vs. artists; dunking; having a bad name; Reggie Miller; name-checks that blow his mind; Michael Jordan; pickup basketball; sports-hating Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, and Kobe; whether Shea could take J Cole in a fistfight; White Men Can’t Jump; Jonah and Shea’s secret moves in pickup basketball; ranking Tony Parker; memory heroes; how to have a bestselling book; social media and the FOH Army; Hurricane Harvey; philanthropy; having twins; teaching; and Shea’s Life Tip.

Morgan Campbell

Jonah Keri takes a knee with Toronto Star sports business reporter Morgan Campbell about #takeaknee, economics, and race; the dehumanizing influence of daily fantasy; #sticktosports; representing groups to which you don’t belong; the working class; fal…

Charlie Pierce

Jonah Keri ships up to Boston with Esquire writer Charlie Pierce about stories that never see the light of day; not trusting your instincts; Red Fisher and Bill Simmons; the economics of writing on the internet; growing up a Habs fan in Massachusetts; …

Lindsay Jones

Jonah Keri kicks off NFL season with USA Today football writer Lindsay Jones about the changing NFL; being a national writer based in Denver; John Elway, Tom Brady, and Colin Kaepernick; the upcoming draft and free agency classes; the game in NFL vs. c…

Adnan Virk

Jonah Keri chats for almost two and a hook with Adnan Virk of ESPN
about the behind-the-scenes of Baseball Tonight; not being Keith
Olbermann; waving the Canadian flag; making good TV; their best and
worst days; you always hurt the ones you love; being…

Alan Yang

Jonah Keri has a jack-of-all-trades conversation with Master of None co-creator and Parks and Recreation producer/writer Alan Yang about Roy Hibbert, Nikola Jokić, Kristaps Porzingis, and the NBA All-Star Game; playing pickup basketball with Kanye and Jonah Hill; his creative partner Aziz Ansari hosting SNL; the modern state of media; recent changes in how television is made and distributed; Alan’s controversial Emmy acceptance speech and the status of Asian-Americans in entertainment; getting real on Master of None; writing for Fire Joe Morgan; Grantland; and Alan’s Life Tips.

Ryan Harris

Jonah Keri and retired NFL offensive lineman/current radio host Ryan Harris tackle diverse topics: sports talk radio; college recruiting; the craft of tackling; diet, conditioning, and playing with pain in the NFL; dealing with 90,000 screamin…

Justin Trudeau

Jonah Keri talks to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the PM’s first-ever podcast in office. The two discuss the Montreal Expos; Separatism in Quebec; Canadian identity; the Richard Nixon prophecy and being called to serve; gender equa…

Gail Miller

Jonah Keri jazzes it up with Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller about building an empire from nothing with her late husband Larry; changes in Salt Lake City; how to succeed in business; philanthropy; redefining her life after Larry’s death; The Jazz …