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Adrian Beltre’s Antics, Giancarlo Stanton’s Power Anchored a Very Fun August

We’ve reached the home stretch of the Major League Baseball season, and everything’s moving so fast. The wild AL wild-card race seems to reshuffle daily; Giancarlo Stanton’s home-run odometer keeps clicking; blockbuster deadline deals make us rethink what the playoffs might hold.

With all of that swirling around us, it’s nice to fall back on dependable old favorites.

The 30: The Fantastically Mediocre AL Wild-Card Race Is Heating Up

Being a baseball fan usually means rooting for excellence. We cheer for tape-measure home runs and dominant pitching performances. Ten-game winning streaks. No-hitters. The rare hitting streak that can even start to threaten DiMaggio. This is usually what we want to see.

But this season, baseball’s biggest source of excitement is emanating from an entirely different place: mediocrity.

Nolan Arenado’s Magic, Adrian Beltre’s Hijinks Anchor July’s Fun Report

Baseball’s trade deadline can be a stressful time of year for every fan.

Is your team a seller? Then you might have to say goodbye to a favorite veteran player, shipped off to some far-flung locale in the name of rebuilding. Is your team a buyer? Then you might have to sweat things out for a decade or more, wondering if you’ve just watched a future Hall of Famer get away.